Centuries later, what can Thanksgiving Day mean to Native peoples? Thank you for stealing our land?  Thank you for wiping out our people? Thank you for placing a remnant of our once great numbers on rural ghettoes called ‘reservations?’ Thank you for abolishing most of the ancient traditions? Thank you for poisoning what little Indian lands remain with uranium? Thank you for poisoning the lands now inhabited by the whites? Thank you for letting Indians fight in American wars against other people? Thanks. The real tragedy is that millions of Americans don’t know, and don’t want to know about Indian history and traditions. Today, the names of rivers, lakes, and landmarks bear indigenous markers of another age. The people, except for an occasional movie, are mostly forgotten; out of mind.  The easier to replace with false images of happy meals, and turkey dinners. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mumia Abu Jamal, “Some Who Feel No Reason for Thanksgiving”